Friday, July 21, 2006


Well since I'm in the middle of moving (my 3rd in 18 months), it's on my mind. Especially since my phone company has shut off my DSL early...they will definitely be getting a huge piece of my mind if it's not on in the new house tonight (as we paid extra to have un-interrupted service...we should have known that wouldn't happen)!

Anyway, just a quick thought on Presidents moving into the White House. I didn't find much, but I'm sure they probably have staff members who do everything for them. At the Quest for the Presidency, I found a short article on moving day after the 2000 Election. This is the section is what got me:

Perhaps the most important activity cranked into high gear not long after Bush and Clinton climbed into a limousine and left for Bush's swearing-in.

Teams of workers descended on the place and bustled around like ants, painting walls, laying new carpet, replacing light fixtures -- turning the old Clinton White House into the new Bush White House.

I wish some of these people would have came and helped me!

And of course the White House has undergone many renovations. From this article, I found this comment very interesting: "Beginning in 1978, as many as 40 successive layers of paint were removed from the exterior walls."

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linguamecca said...

I remember when GWB came in that his staff complained of the immense number of W keys missing from the keyboards.

A quick look didn't find any on Ebay. It would be difficult to verify authenticity anyhow.

Also on new presidents, much was made of Hillary's disinterest in playing the girly games of the previous first ladies. She was not interested in the teas with Ladies Home Journal, et al.