Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What the Presidents Did On the Fourth of July

What the Presidents Did On the Fourth of July. Happy 4th of July! Even if you are not an American, I hope you enjoy the day. I have blogged a site today which gives information on what the presidents were doing on the Fourth of July when they were in office. It has been researched by James Heintze.

This site is a lot of fun. Here are a few examples:

George Washington 1793 - Washington is home at Mount Vernon writing a letter to the Secretary of State;on thatday he also attends a public celebration in Alexandria, Va. (Writings of GeorgeWashington, 33:2-3)

James Monroe 1818 - Monroe is in Washington and issues a proclamation that the trade in "Plaster ofParis" is no longer to be exported to the "Province of New-Brunswick."

James A. Garfield 1881 - Garfield lays gravely ill in Washington, D.C. as a result of an assassin's bulletthere.

Warren G. Harding 1923 - In Meacham, Oregon, President Harding participates in the 80th anniversary ofthe arrival of the first immigrant wagon there. He rides in a Concord stage coach drawn bysix horses and gives a speech.

George Bush 1991 - The President and First Lady Barbara Bush are in Marshfield, Mo., and GrandRapids, Mich., leading bands and floats in the parades and giving speeches, and they laterreturn to Washington, D.C. to watch fireworks on the Mall.

Fro the site:

This chronology gives information on what the presidents were doing on the Fourth of July,but only during their tenures as presidents. Of course, many of the presidents remained in the public eye after leaving office, giving speeches and participating in a variety of activities. Information on some of the significant post-office activities may be found in the general chronology. You will notice that many of the dates have not been filled in. That is because the research is ongoing. Please check back periodically as this chronology is expanded. Information on the presidents and the Fourth of July was researched in various newspapers,including the National Intelligencer, New York Times, Washington Post, as well as other sources.

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