Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When Kennedy and Nixon Swore

When Kennedy and Nixon Swore. I just discovered this lesson plan from the School of Champions. It is by Ron Kurtus.

This sounds like a fun lesson to teach. I think the students would have some quality learning too. And then the kids can go home and tell their parents that the teacher taught them swear words!

From the site:

During both John F. Kennedy's and Richard M. Nixon's terms in office as President of the United States, Time Magazine published articles that stated how each used profanities in the White House. The articles handled the fact quite differently for the two Presidents, showing a bias that reflected a general attitude about the men.

Questions you may have are:

What did the press say about the profanity?

Why was there a difference between the two?

What can be learned from this?

This lesson will try to answer those questions. There is a mini-quiz near the end of the lesson.

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