Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Boy Who was President for a Day

The Boy Who was President for a Day. This book is a work of fiction for children. It is a bit different from most topics or sites covered by this blog. However, I read this to my oldest son the other day and he really enjoyed it. I thought it was a clever way to explain concepts such as the American Presidency and responsibility to children.

From the site:

Imagine being President for a day! The Boy Who Was President book allows kids to expand their imaginations learning what it would be like to be in charge for a day! This story includes being teacher for a day. What kid would not want to be in charge of their class for a day and receive a warm welcome from their friends for the good job they have done?

Inside the book is a difficult task. Encouraging a child's hard work and completion of the satisfactory study and then asking their parents, teachers, principal, mayor, governor, and President to certify that that they are hardworking. Scan the certificate included in the book and email it to us to post on our web site!!

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