Saturday, August 26, 2006

Soviet intelligence used remote viewers to spy on American presidents from afar

Soviet intelligence used remote viewers to spy on American presidents from afar. The Soviet Union tried many different methods to get an edge in the Cold War. These attempts ranged from the overt to the covert and from the traditional to the bizarre. Remote sensing probably qualifies as the later. Or so claims a recent issue of Pravda.

The paper reported:

The Soviet intelligence used remote viewers in their activities, thats a fact. A clairvoyant, for example, could determine the state of health of a top official watching his appearance on TV. They did that with the US president. Some Soviet remote viewers visited the USA as tourists and transmitted the information that they could obtain there to their Moscow-based colleagues by the power of mind, telepathy that is. The KGB was particularly interested if remote viewers could determine the locations of foreign submarines in the ocean, Alexander Spirkin said.

According to Wikipedia, "Remote viewing (RV) is the alleged ability to perform clairvoyance under controlled conditions. Somewhat similar to astral projection, the phenomenon involves a belief in the projection of consciousness to remote locations."

Despite the title of this article, it actually has very little about spying on American Presidents. It is hard to say what actual benefit the Soviets got from this program. Reportedly, the American government also tried to use remote viewing. (See the above linked Wikipedia article.) However, remote viewing did not help the Soviets win the Cold War.

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