Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Abigail Fillmore

I’ve decided there must be something about First Ladies named Abigail…they are just awesome!

Abigail Powers Fillmore was a well-educated woman and was a schoolteacher before her marriage. While she was teaching, she met Millard Fillmore. She had been teaching for a few years (she started teaching at 16) when the 18-year-old Millard came to her school for further education. He was a clothmaker’s apprentice, but wanted to be a lawyer and so came to the local schoolteacher (Abigail) for help. He was only her student for a few months and by the time he was done, he and Abigail were engaged. They had a long engagement while Millard completed his work to become a lawyer. Abigail’s love of learning continued throughout her life and while First Lady, she worked to improve and expand the White House library.

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