Friday, October 06, 2006

American Presidents Blog at the Academic Blog Portal

Yesterday, I became aware of a new collaborative project to sort and catalog blogs by academics on the Web. It is the Academic Blog Portal.

I went ahead and added this blog to the History page. I also created a page for the American Presidents Blog. I did not create an account so the anonymous IP address you see listed as the writer on the page history is me. I need to create an account if I go back in and edit more...

Jennie and elementaryhistoryteacher, what do you think? Please go ahead and make edits if you want to alter the blog description at all. I tried to mirror the set up of another group blog the Crooked Timber.

1 comment:

Jennie W said...

Looks nice - just another way to advertise!

I really can't think of anything we'd want to add at this point - maybe just a few more posts if anything big happens.