Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FDR: Portrait of a Drinking President

FDR: Portrait of a Drinking President. This article is in a recent issue of Modern Drunkard Magazine by Brian Abrams. The article focuses on two aspects of FDR's presidency: 1. his championing the end of prohibition and 2. his personal drinking habits.

Obviously, FDR helped to bring about the end of the bad idea that was prohibition. He ran on an anti-prohibition platform in 1932 and depression era America was ready to bring back booze. Abrams wrote, "Repeal was the essential pillar to his 1932 presidential campaign, and when the 51-year old moved into The White House, he kept his word. With FDR leading the way, Congress amicably passed the 21st Amendment."

Less obvious is how often FDR drank. History shows he was a drinker. How excessive a drinker he was though will probably never be known. As this is an article from Modern Drunkard Magazine, Abrams argues for a heavy drinking FDR but he does not cite his sources to support the argument.

Regardless of how accurate this article is, I predict it will be a top ten result in Google in less than a year for the keyword search "FDR and drinking." As such, I might as well point it out here. It can amuse you, educate you, or offend you as the case may be. There is also an article in this issue titled Muskets and Moonshine which has an account of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 that writes about President Washington's response to the "uprising." Happy reading.

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