Friday, October 13, 2006

Mamie Eisenhower in Time Magazine

The General’s Lady (June 2, 1952)

This is an interesting article from 1952 about Mamie Eisenhower. It was written to introduce Mamie to the American public as a potential First Lady. It started with a description:
For the benefit of U.S. citizens who are about to see the wife of General Eisenhower for the first time next week as a prospective First Lady, an officer at SHAPE in Paris gives an estimate: "Take an average pretty Iowa girl, transplant her to Colorado, give her parents enough money to take winter holidays, let her bump around the world with the Army, give her a modified Lillian Gish hairdo complete with bangs, and that's Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower."

It offers mostly trivia, but is a fun look into the 1950s. So what do we learn about Mamie?

  • She smoked Phillips Morrises
  • Loved canasta (there’s something I can connect with!)
  • She didn’t do much cooking and didn’t like it
  • She lost a son in 1921

Another interesting tidbit about their life came from a honeymoon story:
After a honeymoon visit to Ike's family in Abilene, Kans.—and a bitter quarrel over Ike's imperturbable refusal to come home from a hometown poker game until 2 a.m.—Mamie joined the Army. It was often a trying life; in one year she had to set up housekeeping on seven different Army posts.

So enjoy Mamie through the eyes of the US that elected her husband!

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