Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Ordeal of Herbert Hoover

This article by Smith and Walch in Prologue Magazine looks at the Hoover presidency. Overshadowed by the crisis of the Great Depression, we often forget the man Herbert Hoover was. The authors write:

Usually cast as a President defined by his failure to contain the Great Depression, Hoover's story is far more complex and more interesting. To begin with, Hoover was an activist reformer, albeit one without the political skills needed to sell himself and his programs to Congress and the public. A shy man, he insisted on keeping much of his life and good deeds out of the public eye. Only in politics is this a character flaw, yet it prevented those around Hoover from portraying him as a compassionate leader, or warding off portrayals of him as a cold, uncaring figure responsible for nearly everything that was going wrong in the American economy. As a result, Hoover's presidency remains largely an untold story.

So take a moment and read this fascinating article about Herbert Hoover!

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