Monday, October 16, 2006

Sculptures depict real George Washington

Sculptures depict real George Washington. So, what did George Washington actually look like? This article by Matthew Barakat in the October 5th, 2006 USA Today has a possible answer. Researchers at Mt. Vernon made models of Washington at 19, 45, and 57.

Barakat wrote, "Research on the project was meticulous. The estate hired an anthropology professor to do an age-regression analysis of Washington's face calculating the changes that would have occurred as he aged and lost his teeth. They took detailed measurements of Washington's tailored clothes to gain insight into his body shape."

Evidently he was a good looking 19 year old. Reactions vary as Barakat wrote, "Rees said people have varied reactions to the models — some say he looks like a bit of a dandy, others are struck by the maturity that shines through even in the youthful depiction."

I guess Washington did not look a lot like his portrait on the dollar. I can not help thinking that is what he looked like though. I may know what he really looked like now but I am still going to envision the "classical" George Washington look when I think about him.

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