Friday, December 15, 2006

JFK assassination through Mrs. Johnson’s eyes

In the course of the Warren Commission’s investigation into JFK’s assassination, they took testimony from everyone - even Lady Bird Johnson. I find this a fascinating "other" look at the JFK assassination.

Mrs. Johnson recorded that at first she thought the sounds she heard were firecrackers, not shots: “There had been such a gala air that I thought it must be firecrackers or some sort of celebration.” The reaction of the Secret Service alerted her to the fact that something was really wrong. She went on to say: “I cast one last look over my shoulder and saw [in the president's car] a bundle of pink, just like a drift of blossoms, lying on the back seat. I think it was Mrs. Kennedy lying over the president's body ... .”


Anonymous said...

Its so sad..

Harry said...

It’s too bad she married LBJ in the first place. That woman went through pure hell in her life with that crooked S.O.B.