Friday, December 08, 2006

Thomas Jefferson’s Cheese

To continue my last post, Thomas Jefferson received one very interesting gift. He was given a huge piece of cheese. The cheese was over 4 feet in diameter and weighed (cured) 1235 pounds! That’s a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches!

This huge cheese was made by the citizens of a small farming town in western Massachusetts to “commemorate Jefferson’s long-standing devotion to religious liberty and to celebrate his recent electoral victory over Federalist rival John Adams.”

So what did Jefferson think of this cheese?
According to press accounts, Jefferson personally received the cheese on New Year’s morning. Dressed in his customary black suit, he stood in the White House doorway, arms outstretched, eagerly awaiting the cheese’s arrival. The gift was received with cordial expressions of gratitude and exuberant cheese-tasting. The cheese-makers heralded their creation as “the greatest cheese in America, for the greatest man in America.”

On a similar note, Jefferson is sometimes reputed to have invented macaroni and cheese.

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