Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Betty Ford

I didn't actually watch President Ford's funeral (I was visiting family for the New Year...that's my excuse!), so I was flipping through the photos on Yahoo after reading my colleagues' excellent posts. The photo the left is what struck me - Betty Ford kneeling at her husband's casket. That's the picture that made me cry - not the other formal pictures of the funeral. It is easy to get caught up the history and politics and forget that Gerald Ford was a man with a family who will miss him. While I'm on the topic of Mrs. Ford, there was a nice article in Newsweek on Betty Ford that discusses her fight with substance abuse and breast cancer.

Since I'm on the topic of First Ladies anyway, here is a nice picture of two former first ladies (Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan for those of you who can't just tell). I've been scrolling through the funeral pictures hoping they got a picture of all the living First Ladies and Presidents. If anyone finds one, let me know!

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