Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hillary/Bigfoot to Run in '08

I teach LIB 197 at Central Michigan University. It is a one credit course which teaches the basics of library research and helps to educate students on information literacy. One of the topics is determining if a source is credible or not. I often teach this by showing examples of credible online sources compared to suspect print sources.

As such, I could not help but buy the newest issue of Weekly World News. The headline reads, "Hilary Names Bigfoot as Her Running Mate!" This issue will be appearing in many sections of the courses I am teaching in the near future. What a great headline for a critical thinking exercise.

And heck, this article may well be true! The Democrats keep losing Presidential elections because they can not carry even a single southern state. That means they have to be almost perfect everywhere else where the election is competitive. But if they could win even a few southern states...

Who could Democrats nominate to win in the south? Not Hillary. But how about Bigfoot? It could perhaps work...

I love this quote from the article, "I can see the campaign slogan now. Give 'em hell, Hairy!"

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Jennie W said...

And you never know what Hillary would be willing try! She also needs to get more support from women...she simply doesn't play that well with many American women.