Monday, January 22, 2007

SMU president reassures faculty on Bush library

SMU president reassures faculty on Bush library. Southern Methodist University is in the running to be the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Many are pleased about this and hope they can actually bring the library to campus. Others though are opposed. Some real opposition has developed trying to derail the library.

Opponents of the library coming to SMU are focused on their dislike of President Bush. Since they do not like his presidency, they want to show disapproval for his library.

SMU President R. Gerald Turner responded to this. He said, "Over time, the political components of the library complex will fade and the historical aspects will ascend."

Indeed. Fifty to a hundred years from now, few people will be worked up over George W. Bush. Worst president ever talk will be reserved for whoever is in the White House at the time if you disagree with him/her. However, scholars will be researching George W. Bush and visiting his Presidential Library.

The long-term benefits of a campus getting a Presidential Library are huge. Other institutions of higher education are hoping SMU gets left behind because of the controversy. Instead of dealing with critics, Baylor University in Waco increased its planned library site from 100 acres to 150 acres, and the University of Dallas proposed a 300-acre site, which is more than SMU's entire 210-acre campus.

Will this stay debate stay heated? Probably. However, the George W. Presidential Library will get built no matter how much some dislike him. Will it go to SMU? I kind of hope it does. It would be ironic if some of the critics have to drive past the library going to work everyday for the rest of their career at SMU. I think they would come to realize it really wasn't worth having gotten worked up about in the first place.

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