Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nixon Presidential Materials

Here is a Nixon site I do not believe I had seen before. It is Nixon Presidential Materials from the National Archives. It is described as the official source for the historical materials created and received by the White House during the administration of President Richard M. Nixon.

The site includes:

- approximately 46 million pages of textual material, of which about 7 million are available for public research

- over 30,000 gifts

- approximately 500,000 photographs
- 700 hours of film

- over 4,000 hours of "off air" video recordings

- 4,469 audio recordings

- 950 reels of Nixon White House Tapes, totalling approximately 3,700 hours, of which 2,019 hours are currently available for research

There is also a fun When Nixon Met Elvis page! This looks like a good resource with plenty of informative reading available.

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The Tour Marm said...

I'm a great fan of the NARA and try to schedule a, 'Working with Primary Documents' program for my groups visiting Washington, DC. It includes a behind the scenes tour as well as some hands-on classroom instruction. One can get it through one;s US Representative/Senator or directly through the website.

I've also taken groups to the Nixon Presidential Library.

However, I would suggest you look up the 1997 Showtime presentation entitled, "Elvis Meets Nixon", It is the true story about how Elvis came to Washington and what he did right before he visited the President.

Alas! We will not know what they said during their private conversation (no tapes!).

By-the-Way, Elvis' attire is dark purple crushed velvet.