Monday, March 05, 2007

The 10 Worst Presidents

US News and World Report has The 10 Worst Presidents by Jay Tolson. The article actually lists eleven!

Who made the list? They are:

1. James Buchanan (No surprise there!)

2. Warren G. Harding

3. Andrew Johnson

4. Franklin Pierce

5. Millard Fillmore

6. John Tyler

7. Ulysses S. Grant

8. William Harrison

9. (tie) Herbert Hoover

9. (tie) Richard Nixon

10. Zachary Taylor

I do not think it is fair to have Harrison on the list. He was not President long enough to give an assessment of his presidential abilities. There is also a brief overview of each "bad" president. I love this paragraph on Harding. "Warren G. Harding's claim to infamy rests on spectacular ineptitude captured in his own pathetic words: "I am not fit for this office and should never have been here." A former publisher who won a string of offices in his native Ohio, he was an unrestrained womanizer noted for his affability, good looks, and implacable desire to please. It was good, his father once told him, that he hadn't been born a girl, "because you'd be in the family way all the time. You can't say no."


Eric Silvia said...

Although I was not surprised by Herbert Hoover being among the 10 Worst, I recently read a book entitled, "Second Acts" which shed some light on Hoover's post-presidential life. Though he was well aware that he was blamed for much of the Depression (not acting responsibly or quickly enough to divert the impending depression), he really tried to make amends. He depended on his successors to ask of his opinion, though not all were so willing!

elektratig said...

Thanks for the tip. I've posted some thoughts about the list here.

Jennie W said...

I have to agree that it is pretty unfair to list Harrison on that list when the man really didn't have a chance. A lot of polls I've seen don't even include him on the voting list of that reason!

Some of these men were also kind of stuck into a bad situation: Andrew Johnson and John Tyler. Both became president upon the death of the prior president and were hated by their legislatures. I just learned that Congress actually refused to vote Tyler any funds for upkeep on the White House because they were unhappy with his politics!

PurpleSlog said...

How can that list not include Carter?