Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who is this?

I'm trying again and hopefully this one is harder. I found this picture and thought it was lovely so I wanted to share, but am making you work a little for it.

ANSWER: Lou Hoover (Congrats to the Educational Tour Marm for figuring it out!)

One other thing - History Carnival 50 is now up at Early Modern Notes.


The Tour Marm said...

Is this Alice Roosevelt?

Jennie W said...

Your time frame is about right, but no. This First Lady was a decade older than Alice Roosevelt. That's even two clues:)

Oh, as a note, I assumed you meant Alice Roosevelt Longworth (TR's daughter, not his first wife).

The Tour Marm said...


Yes, I did mean Alice Longworth.

Ok. Using your clues and looking up tons of photos of likely First Ladies (I couldn't find this one), I have settled on Edith Bolling Galt Wilson (who is a distant cousin of mine).

It's 4:40 AM.

I'm giving up!

Jennie W said...

No, but closer (I do hope you went to bed!). Edith Wilson was 2 years older than this First Lady.

Let's see another clue....this First Lady spoke FIVE languages. Let's see if that helps:) If not, I have a few more clues that will give it away.

The Tour Marm said...


I looked up the Hoover Presidential Library site, and found THE photo!

I had discounted her as she, in later life, did not look like the child.

Well, they do grow...!

Now - Have you looked at the Figure It Out Friday site? One of them was friends with the first President.

And I have also answered a comment you left.

Jennie W said...

It is a much different picture - but so pretty!

This is definitely Lou Hoover, though. She was a very athletic woman - and a geologist!

I have to admit - I have absolutely no clue on your FIOF...I stared at it for awhile yesterday and was completely stumped! I have to admit I tend to be terrible at guessing at photographs if they aren't ones that I actually know really well.

The Tour Marm said...

What an accomplished woman and an adventurous life! The Hoover Presidential Library site has a wonderfully full biography.

Now, as to mine: Two extremely famous men. One is not American by birth (a little technicality here...) Both have something to do with the third photo, which is of a very famous place which, in turn, has something to do with the first President. While the two men may not have met each other formally, they did cross paths.