Wednesday, April 04, 2007

White House China at NFLL

The National First Ladies Library opened a new exhibit yesterday - White House China! It will be up for the next 12 months (until March 28, 2008) so you have lots of time to plan a trip to Canton, OH!

This exhibit includes china from many administrations including Monroe, Hayes (the really unique pieces), Harrison (including china actually painted by Caroline Harrison), Polk, Lincoln, LBJ, FDR, TR and many more! There are also supplementary items like dresses (of which the Caroline Harrison gown is simply gorgeous), hats (a really interesting one of Betty Ford's) and Martha Washington's slippers.

From the site some First Ladies Trivia:
Which First Lady helped chose the first china to use the American shield?
Sarah Polk, wife of James Polk, ordered this china from the same factory Mrs. Monroe used in Paris. It was purchased in 1845.

Which china was the first to be made in America?
Edith Wilson chose this china in 1918 which was manufactured by Lenox, Inc. in Trenton, New Jersey.

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