Friday, June 22, 2007

Vast collection of Lincoln items comes to library

Millions of dollars worth of Lincoln memorabilia are heading to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The article Vast collection of Lincoln items comes to library by Pete Sherman has the details.

Sherman wrote, "Shortly after Memorial Day weekend, a tractor-trailer arrived in Springfield. Two drivers had taken it from California, nonstop, from the home of Louise Taper. Inside were millions of dollars’ worth of Taper’s private collection of Abraham Lincoln-related artifacts and documents. One of only three of Lincoln’s stovepipe hats known to survive was included among them, worth potentially millions all by itself. The hat and all the rest - items numbering more than 1,500 - now belong to Springfield."

Taper had built quite a collection. It also included Lincoln’s blood-soaked gloves from the night of his assassination and thousands of documents and letters, including large assortments from Mary Todd Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth.

There is also a poem written by Lincoln the poet! Here is the clever piece:

Abraham Lincoln is my name and with my pen I wrote the same I wrote in both haste and speed and left it here for fools to read.

I am grateful to Louise Taper for having the desire to collect and then donate all of this Lincoln material. As a fool, I would love to see Lincoln's poem (and one of those hats!) in person.

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