Tuesday, July 10, 2007

American Presidents Blog Banned in China?

(Michael Lorenzen at the Great Wall on July 5th, 2007)

I got back from my China trip two days ago. I am still tired and jet lagged but am finally feeling up to blogging again.

I had some difficulty gaining Web access while in Beijing. I stayed in a dorm at the North China University of Technology. The Internet was locked down hard with only students/faculty/staff being able to access it. I even had trouble getting into the library! I was kicked out when I tried to enter it the first time as I had no student ID to scan at the entrance. I was able to get in after securing intervention from a university administrator. However, I still could not get online.

Using an alternate access method, I was able to get online twice during the trip. While I was able to access Blogger to approve comments, I was unable to view the American Presidents Blog. All attempts to gain access resulted in the site being unable to load. I tried several other Blogger generated blogs as well with the same result. It appears that China has blocked Blogger blogs so while APB is banned so is everyone else using this platform.

My thanks to Jenny and Lisa for their wonderful posts while I was away. My thanks also to those who commented on posts but had to wait a little longer than usual to have their comments moderated. I have several ideas for China related presidential posts and hope to have a few up shortly. I loved visiting China but I am glad to be home.


The Tour Marm said...

How true!

my former roommate from China has finished her studies and rejoined her husband in Hong Kong.

She cannot access my blog and my gmail account.

I noticed a flurry of activity from China when I created the blog. I imagined that it was the 'powers that be' censoring it and adding to the great firewall of china.

Makes you proud that you're an American!

EHT said...

We are so glad that you are back safe and sound!