Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nixon library's changes start with Watergate


The LA Times Takes A Look At The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda, which they say, has long been the most kicked-around of presidential libraries, and nothing invited more ridicule than the dim, narrow room purporting to describe the scandal that drove its namesake from office. In late March, however, workers roped off the Watergate gallery and methodically began to destroy it. Armed with hammers, a crowbar, a screw gun and a Sawzall, they yanked big display cabinets out of the floor, sliced through tough fiberboard panels, detached more than 100 fluorescent lighting tubes and removed the long strips of plexiglass that had sandwiched text transparencies.


The Tour Marm said...

I proudly supported, campaigned, and voted for President Nixon.
After reading the full article, I understood the rationale.

However, I think that there is more emphasis on Watergate where Nixon is concerned then, let's say Executive Order 9066 (Japanese Internment) or stacking the Supreme court at the Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library or President telling bold face lies to the America people concerning his private life.

With Nixon, the emphasis is on his mistakes, with FDR and Clinton, the emphasis is on his accomplishments. They were all astute politicians who had agendas, friends, enemies, and successes, foibles.

There should be an accurate assessment of the men and their administrations for scholarly research.

M said...

I totally agree with you. There was so much more to Nixon than Watergate. And other presidents had their flaws...

Are Presidential libraries supposed to focus on the mistakes?

Then again, the mistakes of other presidents did not result in their resignations. So I do see the other view point even if I do not agree with it.