Friday, July 27, 2007

Remembering ALL of the Presidents?

Have I got a quiz for you! Can you name all 43 presidents?

In ten minutes?

Go to the quiz Can You Name All 43 Presidents?

Actually it’s easier than you think, but the timer begins the minute you log on. All you have to do is type the last name of the president and the program will immediately place it where it goes.

I hope this stays up for awhile. Some of my students would love the challenge, and over time I guarantee that many of them would become more familiar with the names as well as the events that surround their administrations.

No cheating now….


Jennie W said...

I managed it pretty quickly (about 2 minutes)! The one I had to stop and think about at the end was Arthur.

M said...

I had to learn all the presidents in order when I was in the 6th grade. It is still with me. I just rattle them off in my head and type. I did it in three minutes.

EHT said...

I took five, however, I had two teenagers and a cat distracting me. :)