Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The US Presidents and the 4th

James Heintze has compiled a list of what each President did on each 4th of July during their Presidency (if he can find out). I've picked out one President from his list (you can go see all of them if you like - it goes through George W. and will probably be updated tomorrow (or soon after that) to show what he did this year):

Calvin Coolidge

1924- President Coolidge addresses the national convention of the National EducationalAssociation in Washington, D.C. in the morning but spends most of his time at the bedside of hisson, Calvin Coolidge, Jr. who is very ill with septic poisoning.


1926- Coolidge plants a willow tree (the same kind of tree near the grave of GeorgeWashington at Mount Vernon) on the South Jersey exposition grounds in connection with theopening of the Delaware River bridge, and on 5 July he gives a speech in Philadelphia at theSesquicentennial Exposition there.

1927- Coolidge is in Rapid City, S.D., celebrating the Fourth and his 55-th birthday andhe appears in western attire.

1928- President Coolidge is at the Cedar Island Lodge in Superior, Wisc., fishing fortrout.

Have a happy and safe 4th!

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