Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who is this First Lady?

In line with a favorite game that Jennie likes to play here, who is this woman who served in the capacity of First Lady of the US in the 19th century?
I am sure Jennie not only knows the answer but has dressed up like her at least once. :]


The Tour Marm said...

EMily Donelson, niece of Andrew Jackson.

Jennie W said...

I agree:) And I'm glad someone else answered...I was politely waiting.

Emily Donelson wasn't the only hostess Andrew Jackson used. Sarah Yorke Jackson, the wife of his adopted son, also served as his White House hostess.

Rachel Jackson (his wife) died shortly before he was inaugrated - and he swore his political foes killed her with their mud-slinging campaigns.

And for the record, I have never dressed up as Emily Donelson (or any of the Jackson wives).

The Tour Marm said...

I knew I had to get this in before you or Eric, otherwise I would have politely waited as well!

Emily Donelson was particularly horrid to Peggy Eaton - meow!

Jennie W said...

That entire affair was particularly nasty and I think the reason Jackson even paid attention to it was that it reminded him of the scandals his own wife faced.

As a follow up, though, I think I will be dressing up as Sarah Jackson for the next few months as she was pregnant while hostess while my current FL (Sarah Polk) never was and I'm going to be obvious soon!