Tuesday, August 21, 2007

District gets U.S. president's name wrong in naming school

Many schools in the United States of America are named after American Presidents. This is good way to teach students about past presidents and remind the community at large that history is important. Presidents deserved to be remembered.

The Ogden School District in Utah tried to honor a former President recently when they opened a new school. An article from the Columbus Dispatch (District gets U.S. president's name wrong in naming school) has the details. The article notes, "The Ogden School District needs a big eraser. After naming a new school James A. Madison Elementary School in May, a history teacher pointed out this month that the fourth president of the United States didn't have a middle initial."

The school district is correcting the mistake. The signs and letterhead have been changed. Now it is just a big embarrassment that the district hopes people forget about soon. At least the district had the right reasons for naming the school after James Madison. The article noted , " The majority of board members chose Madison because the school borders Madison Avenue. Several board members also said they believe James Madison was a great president." (Hat tip to Michael Meckler.)

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