Thursday, August 16, 2007

Military History Carnival

Welcome to the Military History Carnival! Thanks to everyone who submitted even though it is summer and I know the outdoors was calling you. I think there are some really interesting posts from this last month on some not-well-known military topics, so make sure to explore those as well as ones on the well-trod topics.

Medieval Wars
A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe talks about Ramon Borrell and his family and their various attacks and defenses (and works on how to turn this into a movie).

I’R GAD gives information on the Welsh Battle of Hirwaun Common.

Africa and War
Walking the Berkshires discusses the “Trail of Bones from Waterberg.”

History is Elementary talks about the forgotten soldiers of World War I – the North Africans.

The US at War
Battlefield Biker discusses Andrew Jackson and the Treaty of Fort Jackson.

The American Presidents’ Blog asks if Lincoln Made a Deal with God during the Civil War.

Blog 4 History reviews Shiloh and the Western Campaigns of 1862.

Rantings of a Civil War Historian goes over the Poor Decisions of Alfred Pleasonton.

World War I
History is Elementary discusses the advent of camouflage in warfare.

Disability Studies, Temple U. quoted a poem written by a foreign correspondent on the horrors of World War I.

Historic Battlefields reviews The Germany Army at Passchadaele.

reports on civilian items found in their trench excavations in Belgium.

Experiences of an English Solider offers up primary source material on the Battle of Messines Ridge.

World War II
Blog Them out of the Stone Age asks “What If France Had Not Fallen in 1940?

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub gives links and hints for panoramic images of World War II sites.

Russian military
Providentia gives us an interesting view of the Crimean War with a meeting between Dr. James Barry and Florence Nightingale over war wounded.

You can read about the training techniques of the GRU at Dagger and Cloak.

Now for some side topics for military history buffs:

Google Maps
Investigations of a Dog and GarySmailes give you some tips and ideas on how to use Google Maps for military history.

The Educational Tour Marm showcases the Kirkland Memorial at Arlington.

Airminded talks about the origins of war games, like Aviation: The Aerial Tactics Game of Attack and Defence, found at London’s Science Museum.

The Blogger will always get through… tells us about the London Cabinet War Rooms.

Dictatorship of the Air takes us on a tour of the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino (this is the last post of a six part series).

Military Humor
The Skwib reports the “Lost Power Point Slides (Armada Edition).”

World History Blog gives tips for American Separatists.

Thanks for taking a beach break to visit us today (or if you are like me, a break from grading)! The next edition of the Military History Carnival will be at the Armchair General on September 16th. You can email submissions to $jim@$$ (minus the $) or use our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found at the blog carnival index page.


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