Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Presidential Hobbies

I was actually looking up this topic when I found yesterday’s series. I think presidential hobbies make a fun little side topic for this week. There is a three part series (Parts I, II, and III) you can read about various presidential pastimes and I even found a matching game if you want to try your luck at knowing them! (You can take the quiz before or after, depending on how much you think you know).
Some interesting and unusual hobbies from the article:
Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) enjoyed a variety of activities, some very unique. Like other Presidents, Coolidge enjoyed golf, fishing and trap shooting (shooting at clay pigeons with a shotgun). For exercise, he rode a mechanical horse and pitched hay. Coolidge also exercised with Indian clubs, a form of exercise very popular earlier in our history. Indian clubs are basically elongated, heavy pins that resemble bowling pins. These pins would be swung in various patterns as a means of exercise.

Another unusual form of Presidential exercise was the medicine ball enjoyed by Herbert Hoover (1929-1933). This heavy ball would be used to play a strenuous game of catch as a means of building strength and endurance. Hoover often had his cabinet and advisors join him for an early morning game of medicine ball and then breakfast. They became known as the “medicine ball cabinet.”


Anonymous said...

you need more presidental hobbies, put you saved me alot of work thanks

G Wells said...

All Presidents have their fisical hobbies and rightfully so because of their busy scheduals. But fisical excersise is not the only advantage of having a hobby, a hobby will exsersise the brain which is very important too.
G. Wells