Monday, December 10, 2007

Poll: Who was the most effective early President?

The poll has closed for the question, "Who was the most effective early President?" Thanks to those who participated by voting.

George Washington won handily with 60%. Thomas Jefferson came in a distant second with 18%. James Monroe received 11% and John Adams got 5%. James Madison came in last with 3%.


Jennie W said...

I was watching this vote as it progressed and could have guessed the final tally. Made me wonder if we almost automatically assign Washington this honor, without even really thinking. What do you all think?

M said...

I would argue that Monroe had the strongest presidency of the first five. He had to deal with aftermath of the War of 1812. He also asserted a strong American foriegn policy and even came up with the Monroe Doctrine.

The Tour Marm said...

George Washington defined the Presidency and set the standards and traditions for future Presidents, policy, and service.

He kept us out of war by proclaiming our neutrality.

Instilled respect for the power of the government through the Whiskey Rebellion. And helped to engineer the Jay Treaty.

He also was responsible for the peaceful transition of power.
George III said something to the effect that if this peaceful exchange were to happen(Washington relinquishing his power) Washington would be the greatest man on earth.

He gets my vote.