Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who was born here?

This picture looked so nice and summery compared to the icy rain we are currently having, so I couldn't resist. Do you know who was born here?


Eric Silvia said...

Herbert Hoover?

Jennie W said...


This is the Iowa birthplace of Herbert Hoover (1874).

You can check out a virtual tour here: http://www.nps.gov/heho/photosmultimedia/virtualtour.htm .

EHT said...

Such a quiet and unassuming place considering the fortune he eventually made.

VWB said...

a perfect picture of peaceful... what I wish I could call my retirement home....a cute little cottage!

Eric Silvia said...

I visited the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum back in October...it really is a beautiful place. I really liked how peaceful the site is and how open and green it was. The only drawback was the Hoover graves' location to the highway. I assume the graves were there before the highway? Thanks for posting!

Jennie W said...

Which highway? I haven't been there, but I was looking at maps trying to figure it out for you. Do you mean I-80? Here are some links to help you figure out your answer:

Hoover NPS on the graves (why they are where they are): https://cms.mwr.nps.gov/heho/photosmultimedia/gravesite.htm

History of I-80 in Iowa (started in the 50s, finished in the 70s): http://iowahighways.home.mchsi.com/highways/i-80.html

Hope that helps!