Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Millard Fillmore's Boyhood Experiences

I found an 1903 article from the New York Times (it is available for free as PDF) that tells (and quotes) a letter that Millard Fillmore wrote to a friend about his childhood. I found this a fascinating ancedote on this oft-overlooked president. The letter talks about his childhood in East Sparta (Western New York). Fillmore writes about being apprenticed at 12 and how he had wanted to go fight in the War of 1812 instead (his father had rejected that idea). He then talks about how he found his apprenticeship at first useless as he was given all types of menial jobs, but he insisted on being properly trained and got his way. Fillmore also recalls a story about raffling a turkey and how after that, he never gambled again as well as some other ancedotes in the short portions the article quotes or mentions.

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