Saturday, January 26, 2008

Presidential Election Comment Spam Attempts

In the last three days, this blog has been subjected to a comment spam attack from what would appear to be supporters of Democratic Presidential candidates Clinton and Obama or people working for their opponents trying to make it appear as though their opposition is making the attack. I am very thankful that I have made my comments require approval and that no comments get published without my OK.

I will not repeat the comments here. They tend to run like as follows, "Is it true that [candidate] was a [member of X] or [voted for X]? Any information on this would be welcomed." I am not stupid. These comments will not be approved and published.

I suppose that the fact that the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday and that Super Tuesday is coming up is behind this. I anticipate more of these comments as the next several days progress. I will continue to reject these sorts of comments.

For all bloggers who have blogs or posts which are presidential themed, please monitor your comments carefully. If you allow comments without moderation, be vigilant in deleting posts like those I have described above. These attacks comments are not helpful and may damage the credibility of your blog.

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