Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Voting in the Michigan Primary

The 2008 Presidential election became real for me today. I voted in the Michigan Primary. I got up early as usual to go to work. I gave myself time to stop by the polling place first. It is at the same place my oldest son goes to school.

The poll worker asked me, "Which party?"

I responded, "Libertarian."

She blinked, looked annoyed and said, "Republican or Democrat?" Maybe I should not give the poll workers a hard time in the future?

I made my choice, took my ballot, and voted. I wore my "I voted" sticker all day. It is my hope that the college students coming into the library will see it and go vote too.

I called my wife at lunch time. She answered, "Oh, I thought you were another automated message from a candidate!"

There is a definite feel of excitement in the air today. I am not sure how heavy the turnout was but people talked about this primary all day long where I work. I bet this is how people in Iowa and New Hampshire felt too.

One of the big topics of conversation was that the Democratic candidates boycotted this state. Many Democrats I know were most vocal about this. As one person told me, "So, the Democratic candidates want change. Yet, they do whatever the Democratic Central Committee tells them and they avoid Michigan because we moved our vote up. Some change agents they are. More of the status quo..."

I wonder if this could come back to hurt the eventual Democratic nominee in November? Michigan is a state the Democrats will have to win and probably assume they will with minimal effort. I am not so sure. This is a conservative state with Detroit in the SE corner. Together, the state runs slightly liberal. If the Republican nominee runs ads pointing out how the Democratic nominee stiffed Michigan voters during the primary today, it may have an impact.

There is still a long way to go before the nominations are settled. I hope everyone who has a chance votes. And I hope both eventual nominees will make good American Presidents if elected.


Jennie W said...

My husband is all for annoying poll workers! He says "go for it!"

EHT said...

I can't get away with annoying our poll workers. Most of them are the senior citizens at my church. I'm glad you voted. I'm looking forward to voting as well in a few weeks.