Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy President's Day Eve!

My nine year old son said to me today, "Happy President's Day Eve!"

I should not have been surprised. He is big on holidays. He looks at the calendar every day. Every holiday noted, no matter how obscure, gets mentioned in this house. As a librarian, I get lots of free calendars from vendors. Many are from overseas and I have had to explain what Boxing Day and New Zealand Independence Day are to him in the past. No holiday gets past him if it is on the calendar.

Recently, he has been noting the eve of each holiday. He recently was excited about Groundhog Day Eve and Valentines Day Eve. I guess since Christmas Eve and New Years Eve get noted every year, why not the other days too? It makes sense to him.

This is cute but I am going to have to draw a line eventually. There will be no Arbor Day Eve in this house!

So, happy President's Day Eve everyone. May your festivities be worthy of all the Presidents who have served this nation.

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