Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poll: Which presidential assassination affected the country the most?

The poll has closed for the question, "Which presidential assassination affected the country the most?" Thanks to all who participated by voting.

President Lincoln was first with 56%. President Kennedy was second with 34%. McKinley and Garfield trailed far behind with 4% and 3%.

Although I do not disagree with this assessment, I would like to speak up for the importance of the McKinley and Garfield assassinations. Without McKinley's murder, Teddy Roosevelt may have never been president. His trust busting and environmental activitism had a huge impact on the 20th century. Garfield's death allowed Arthur to become president and begin a major reform of the civil service system. Take way either presidential murder and we are probably looking at a very different world today.

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Scott said...

I missed the poll, but I disagree with your assessment. Roosevelt may have followed McKinley anyway. At the time, Roosevelt was very popular, a war hero, and could have run under his own merit.

I think Lincoln is the right answer because had he lived, he would have been around to speak against the horrors that has party wrought through reconstruction. I think Lincoln would have treated the south better and there may have been less hatred and made greater strides toward civil rights.