Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Back-of-the-Envelope Design Contest

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently invited readers to submit sketches of what they think the new George W. Bush Presidential Library should look like. Selected sketches can be found at The Back-of-the-Envelope Design Contest. This publication usually requires a paid subscription to look at content but this has been placed online for free.

Anyone can vote for a winner in this contest. The site notes, "We invite readers to take a look at some of the designs we have posted here and to vote for the best one. You can scroll through the designs and choose the one you like the most, then go to the Forum poll and vote (Forums require a free chronicle account.)"

As the entries are from academia, the they are not generally favorable towards Bush. However, what do you expect from this heavily liberal group? If you agree with their political outlook, you will enjoy these. If you disagree with that view, you are used to this by now and can still appreciate the work that went into these. Some are very well done.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you know where I stand when I reveal that I voted for the "Sticky Notes" design.