Saturday, March 29, 2008

Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt

I received a review copy of Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt at my office in the library a few weeks ago. It is by Stacy A. Cordery and published by Turner Publishing Company. The book is 206 pages long and has a cover price of $39.95.

The book consists of public domain photographs primarily found at the Harvard College Library and the Library of Congress. These are accompanied by text written by Cordery. They are laid out chronologically from Teddy's childhood up until the end of his life.

The Midwest Book Review wrote of the book, "With informative captions by Stacy A. Cordery, Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt is a fittingly pictorial biographic presentation of a remarkable man whose political policies, ideas, and influence are still resonating in American culture today. Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt is an impressive body of work and a strongly recommended addition to academic and community library reference collections in the areas of 20th century American History, Photography, and Biography."

I can not disagree with this review. This is a very well done book. The selection of pictures and the text by Cordery are excellent. The book does a great job of giving a good outline of Teddy's life in an easy to read and follow pictorial narrative. Some of the photos are better than others but that is to be expected when having to rely on old photos from archives.

Some of the pictures really stood out. On page 10, there is a picture of a really buff Teddy Roosevelt in college. It is hard to believe he was a sickly youth! On page 121, there is a picture of the Roosevelt family leaving the White House in 1909. Alice Roosevelt Longworth was quoted of this event as saying that the family was "expelled from the Garden of Eden." There are also several pictures of Teddy late in life holding grand kids. He looks very happy and proud.

As I received this book at the library, I believe it rightly belongs to Central Michigan University. As such, I will be donating it on Monday. This book will be a good addition to the collection. I believe other libraries would do well to acquire this book. Individuals interested in President Teddy Roosevelt's life or the American Presidency should also consider buying this book.

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