Monday, March 24, 2008

Worst Vice-Presidents?

Who are the worst American Vice-Presidents? This is a tough one. It is hard to tell because the Vice-President has so little actual power.

I found an amusing blog post on this question. At The Powdered Wig, Matt K. has a list. It includes:

- William Rufus King

- John C. Calhoun

- John C. Breckinridge

- Spiro Agnew

- Aaron Burr

- Dick Cheney

It is interesting to note the President George W. Bush has proclaimed Dick Cheney the best Vice-President ever. And Spiro Agnew and Aaron Burr came close to being President. This is a tough one to call.

Any thoughts on this? This could make for a good poll question in the future.

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Unknown said...

Poor old Rufus King. He's widely accused of being gay because he roomed with James Buchanan, and died of TB shortly after being sworn in as VP. He was the only VP who took the oath of office on foreign soil. He was in Cuba for his health. He only made it as far as Alabama before dying. How could he have been one of the worst VPs when he was only in office a few days and too sick to carry out his duties?