Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lincoln Letter Sets Auction Record

The AP Wire is reporting that Sotherby's Auction House has sold a President Lincoln letter for millions of dollars. This is a record for any American manuscript.

The story notes, "Abraham Lincoln's heartfelt reply to a group of youngsters who asked him to free America's 'little slave children' has sold for $3.4 million."

The letter was in Lincoln's own hand. It was a reply to a children's petition from Concord, Massachusetts. In the letter, President Lincoln wrote, "Please tell these little people I am very glad their young hearts are so full of just and generous sympathy."

The abolitionists were working hard politically to eliminate slavery in the United States throughout the American Civil War. I am sure Lincoln received numerous petitions. I am not surprised that a petition from children would get this kind of attention from the President.

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