Saturday, May 17, 2008

Buchanan's Pyramid

In Pennsylvania, there is a state park dedicated to the memory of President James Buchanan. It is the Buchanan's Birthplace State Park. The official site notes, "This park is nestled in the gap of Tuscarora Mountain. Dedicated in honor of the 15th president of the United States, this narrow, peaceful hollow is the site of James Buchanan's birthplace. A stone pyramid monument surrounded by majestic conifers stands on the site of the original cabin where he was born. Buck Run is a native brook trout stream."

The pyramid referenced by the site inspired an article by Ben Bratman titled Buchanan's Pyramid. Although Buchana may be the only American President honored by a pyramid, he is not impressed. He wrote, "All in all, even though it points to the sky rather than into the hard Pennsylvania ground, the pyramid may still be the ultimate emblem for the unfortunate Buchanan and his presidency. According to the state park website, 'the pyramid structure contains 250 tons of native rubble and mortar.' Buchanan left the United States in a similar condition."

Many historians consider Buchanan the worst president ever. However, in all fairness, it is hard to see how he could have prevented the American Civil War although perhaps he could have delayed it or put the Union in a better situation to begin the war by have stopped his Southern Cabinet members from moving military supplies south before the war began.

Nonetheless, this looks like a good place to go and see. I am going to place this park and pyramid on my list of places to try and visit some day.

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