Monday, May 12, 2008

FDR Articles

I read a recent article in US News & World Report about FDR’s 30 year affair. Well, when I sent to the site to find the article to put up here, but I found a bunch of interesting articles, so I thought I’d share them all in one post.

FDR’s Secret Love – this is the one I was actually looking for it. It is excerpted from a book on FDR’s long term (30 year) affair with Lucy Rutherford. When Eleanor found out about this, she offered Franklin a divorce, but Sara Roosevelt put her foot down and threatened to disinherit him if he did. In addition, his political advisors told him divorce would spell the end of his political career.

FDR and Melanoma – FDR’s various medical problems have been explored in recent years as they were long covered up during his Presidency. This article tried to diagnosis the lesion above FDR’s left eyebrow as melanoma. The article ascertains that if FDR did have melanoma, it probably was benign and not life-threatening.

The Black Mark on FDR’s Presidency – This article explores why FDR, generally a humanitarian, ordered the incarnation of the Japanese-Americans during WWII. The article says that the entire US was up in arms in worry about these possible “traitors” and were pushing for it and FDR’s sin is simply giving in to the hype and paranoia.

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