Friday, May 23, 2008

New JFK Sites in the Yahoo! Directory

The following JFK sites have been recently added to the Yahoo! Directory:

King Encyclopedia: John F. Kennedy - Article detailing John F. Kennedy's relationship with Martin Luther King, Jr., including Kennedy's actions in support of MLK during the 1960 presidential campaign.

Mary Ferrell Foundation: JFK Assassination - Presents an extensive collection of online resources related to the death of John F. Kennedy, including notes on investigations, evidence, profiles of people related to the assassination, and conspiracy theories.

Ask Not: The Kennedy Legacy - Blog dedicated to tracing the Kennedy family's legacy in American politics, public service, and pop culture. Includes news and commentary about Kennedy family members.

LIFE: Kennedy Family Album - LIFE Magazine shares classic pictures of the Kennedy family.

And about RFK:

Kennedy, Robert F., Jr. - Official site for environmental activist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Includes information on Riverkeepers and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

King Encyclopedia: Robert F. Kennedy - Article examining Robert F. Kennedy's relationship with Martin Luther King, Jr.

NPR: Robert Kennedy: Delivering News of King's Death - April, 2008, article on Robert F. Kennedy's speech following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.. Includes audio clips of the speech.

YouTube: Robert F. Kennedy Videos - Find publicly-posted videos tagged with "robert f. kennedy," including notable RFK speeches, tributes, and coverage of Robert Kennedy's assassination and funeral.

Mary Ferrell Foundation: RFK Assassination Documents - Online collection of documents related to the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, including FBI files, LAPD records, and documents from the trial of Sirhan Sirhan.

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