Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Ruth Song

I was looking for a picture of Ruth Cleveland (which I never really found online), I came across a online exhibit on Grover Cleveland from the Fayetteville Library that included a cute song that was used by Cleveland’s opponents in 1892. Baby McKee refers to Benjamin Harrison’s grandson, McKee. I just couldn’t resist sharing! Alas, the audio on the page is NOT this song.

Baby Ruth and Baby McKee
We are the nation’s pets you see,
And ev’rybody speaks of us;
In politics we don’t agree,
The papers all our views discuss,
Now, Baby Ruth’s a Democrat,
And thinks high tariff’s a mistake;
But I’m a born Republican
No free trade arguments can shake!

We’re Baby Ruth and Baby McKee,
Lively specimens,
you’ll agree
Just as happy as happy can be,
We’ll run the nation’s Presidency!
Which of us wins you’ll very soon see,
Baby Ruth and Baby McKee.

The White House is my proper place,
I mean to get there if I can!
With Tammany, I’m in the race,
To please the Mugwumps is my plan!
If all the women in the land
Could have a vote, I’m sure I’d win;
For Babe McKee quite long enough
The White House crib has slumbered in!


I mean to stay for one term more,
Now don’t forget that, Baby Ruth!
You tried to get there once before,
But failed, now isn’t that the truth!
You Democrats will take back seats,
Wait till November next, and see;
And then “innocuous desuetude,”
Will, Baby-Ruth, your portion be!


Ha! Ha! I’ve got the inside track,
The mugwump tribe I captivate,
Their solid vote I shall not lack,
‘Tis Destiny that steers my Fate!
But let’s be friends, whoever wins,
The Nation’s pets we are, you see;
We’re both True Blue Americans,
You Baby Ruth, I, Baby McKee!

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