Monday, June 09, 2008

Electoral Vote Predictor

In 2004, I found a nice site about the Presidential Election. It was the Electoral Vote Predictor. Despite an obvious liberal bias, I liked it. The site featured a map which was updated daily showing new data from polls.

I am happy to see the site is still up and running. Here is a description of the site:

Track the electoral college and congressional elections with a red/blue map of the US updated daily using the latest state polls.

The authors of the American Presidents Blog (despite a sometimes obvious bias to the right) tend to avoid making overt statements about current politics. We tend to focus on American Presidential history with few comments on the ongoing election. This probably will not change.

However, the 2008 Presidential Election is going to be the focus of the world for the next six months. Invariably, some posts here will deal with the election. Further, many readers of this blog will be focused on the election rather any posts at this blog address it or not. As such, I have added an icon to this blog which shows the current poll predictions from the Electoral Vote Predictor. It is now on the right side of the blog and will remain here until the election is over. I hope readers find it useful.

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