Friday, July 25, 2008

Honoring First Ladies

Please forgive a brief maintenance post. I have recently updated the description of this blog to reflect what has been apparent for sometime. This blog is also about First Ladies. The new description reads begins with, "Blog relating to the American Presidency, specific American Presidents, and First Ladies."

For the most part, Jennie W. gets credit for this. As of today, there are 80 posts labelled First Ladies. There are probably more which have I have failed to be tagged properly. The "office" of First Lady is directly tied the American Presidency and this is appropriate for this blog.

Although my tagging is not perfect, here are the labels on this blog for First Ladies:

- Abigail Adams

- Angelica Van Buren

- Barbara Bush

- Bess Truman

- Betty Ford

- Dolly Madison

- Eleanor Roosevelt

- First Ladies

- Grace Coolidge

- Harriet Lane

- Julia Grant

- Julia Tyler

- Lady Bird Johnson

- Laura Bush

- Lou Hoover

- Lucy Hayes

- Mamie Eisenhower

- Martha Washington

- Mary Todd Linclon

- Nancy Reagan

- Sarah Polk

There are other First Lady posts as well. However, I endeavored to retrospectively tag only those who had two or more posts. As long as Jennie W. is tagging here (which I do not take for granted), I am sure there will be many more.


Geoff Elliott said...

Thank you for this post. In their own way, many of the First Ladies have helped to make history. Indeed, Woodrow Wilson's wife served as the "president" while he recuperated from a massive stroke. And of course Eleanor Roosevelt went on to become U.N. Ambassador after FDR's death.

The National First Ladies' Library in my hometown of Canton, Ohio is an excellent repository for information about all of the First Ladies, including Laura Bush.

Jennie W said...

Have you been through the NFLL? I give tours there as Sarah Polk!:)