Monday, July 14, 2008

Paula Deen and the Carters

I was flipping through channels a couple of days ago and saw that Paula Deen (on the Food Network) had the Carters on her new show! It was obviously canned, but still rather cute and a fun look into the Carter's house in Plains, GA:

Like the Carters themselves, it's an unpretentious kitchen — a smallish space with walls papered in a blue flowered print and the house's original 1961 cabinets repainted white. At the end of a U-shaped run of counters, a window over the sink looks out on an overgrown holly.

The appliances are sensibly Middle American: a Kenmore dishwasher, a Spacemaker microwave oven, a GE side-by-side refrigerator trimmed with magnets (one for peanut butter, naturally) and a couple of beer can openers so rusty they might date to the era of Billy Beer. Among the photos on the fridge are ones showing Rosalynn catching a fish and Jimmy building a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Deen, who just built a house herself in Savannah, figured "about 20" of the Carters' kitchens would fit inside hers. "It's ob-scene," she said, pouring syrup all over the last syllable.

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Jennie W said...

I wanted to add something I forgot to post - there was a funny story that Jimmy Carter told about getting out of the navy. I guess when he decided to move back to Plains, GA and get out of the navy, Rosalynn wasn't too happy with this decision and according to him, didn't speak to him during the entire move from New York to Georgia! She denied that, but did say she was sorry to leave the navy as it had been "good duty."