Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eisenhower on SPAM

I just visited the Spam musuem in Austin, MN (I'll post a review of it on my personal blog after I get home and upload my pictures), but I did notice a fun little presidential tidbit while I was there. They had a letter that President Eisenhower wrote to H.H. Corey of Homel in 1966. Now I couldn't find the letter online, but I did find an excerpt for you form an NYT article in 1987 about Spam's 50th anniversary:
''I ate my share of Spam along with millions of other soldiers,'' Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Hormel in 1966. ''I'll even confess to a few unkind remarks about it - uttered during the strain of battle, you understand. But as former Commander in Chief, I believe I can still forgive you your only sin: sending us so much of it.''

A new Spam lover is Todd Palin, who likes it when snowmaching - sometimes with peanut butter on it!

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