Thursday, September 18, 2008

USS Sequoia

I recently watched the Save Our History episode on the USS Sequoia. I found this presidential yacht fascinating. There have been 5 presidential yachts and the Sequoia was purchased by Herbert Hoover to replace the larger Mayflower. Jimmy Carter decided to get rid of the boat as an unneeded expense. The Sequoia was the Air Force One of its day.

Some interesting facts:

  • The Sequoia was modifed to accomodate the handicapped FDR with the installation of an elevator. LBJ later replaced the elevator with a bar so he could mix his favorite drink.
  • JFK celebrated his last birthday on the Sequoia.
  • Nixon retreated here right to contemplate resignation.
  • Many foreign leaders were brought to the Sequoia including Churchill, Brezhev, Trudeau, Queen Elizabeth and even Emperor Hirhito.

I forgot to put this up last night and remembered after I went to bed, so this is a bit of postscript. If you look at the history facts listed on the Sequoia's homepage, most of them are actually legend according to the Save Our History segement. Like Truman decided to drop the bomb while on board - he was at Potsdam and it couldn't be true. Since most of the cruises were unlogged, there is often no way of knowing what actually happened and so a lot of myth surrounds the Sequoia.

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