Monday, October 20, 2008

Campaign Ads

With the election looming, I'm sure you have all seen your share of this year's political ads. The first use of TV as a campaigning medium can be found with the 1952 campaign. "Eisenhower Answers America" ads set up voters asking Eisenhower questions that he would answer, like talking about the high cost of living:
One of the first TV ad campaigns was "Eisenhower Answers America" in 1952. Primitive by today's standards, it featured archetypal voters asking earnest questions to Ike, speaking upward as if to the heavens. In one, a homemaker says, "You know what things cost today. High prices are just driving me crazy." Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican nominee, immediately appears on screen and answers benevolently, "Yes, my Mamie [his wife] gets after me about the high cost of living. It's another reason why I say it's time for a change—time to get back to an honest dollar and an honest dollar's worth."

I've pulled the ad that is referred to above from YouTube for you to view!

You can read about some memorable TV political ads in the full story from US News and World Report. This is from a collection of campaign highlights.

And because that ad was so much fun, here's another one - this jingle might be more familiar to you!

YouTube - 1952 Eisenhower Campaign Ad

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